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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 18 February 2021

Question 1.What is the objective of the Vigyan Jyoti programme?

(a) Technical education in the remote tribal regions of India

(b) Boost community and private sector participation in government schools

(c) Encourage  girl students to pursue  their career  in science & technology

(d) Improving quality of school education through Integrated Teacher Training


Question 2.KAPILA campaign relates to which of the following issue?

 (a)  Development of indigenous breeds of cows

(b)  Nutrition support for children under poverty

(c)  Indigenization of the 5G technology

(d) Intellectual Property


Question 3.The term ‘Jökulhlaups’ has been in news recently, what does it mean?

(a) Glacial outburst floods

(b)  A religious ceremony

(c) A folk Dance

(d) A comet


Question 4.Which of the following organization implements ‘Sweet Mission’?

  1. Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR
  2. National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED)
  3. National Horticulture Board
  4. National Bee Board


Question 5.Brasilia Declaration is related to

  • Forest Fire
  • Climate Change
  • Public Health
  • Road Safety


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