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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 16 Sep 2019

Daily Current Affairs Questions:

UPSC (IAS) – Pre 2019


“Delhi Declaration’ is associated with

(a)  Global warming

(b)  Cyber security

(c) Land degradation

(d)  Sustainable development

Answer- c


Question 2 .

The Grey Wolf that was in news recently is found in

(a)  Sundarbans

(b)  Jim Corbett National Park

(c) Kanha National Park

(d)  Kaziranga National Park

Answer-  a


Question 3.

Buqyaq , that was recently in news , is located in

(a)Saudi Arabia

(b) Iran

(c ) Iraq

(d) Afghanistan

Answer- a


Question 4.

Central Adverse List sometimes seen in the news recently is associated with

(a) Ministry of home Affairs

(b)  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(c ) Ministry of Environment

(d)  Ministry of Human Resource Development

Answer- a


Question 5.

An emerging technology, the Gene Drive technology is capable of enabling

(a) The creation of the world’s first genetically edited babies.

(b) The alteration of specific strands of DNA using molecular scissors by either cutting, tweaking or replacing it.

(c) The spread of specified genetic alternations through targeted wild population

(d) None

Answer-  c


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