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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 14 September 2020

Question 1.The Cape Town Convention is related to which one of the following sectors?

(a)  Aviation Sector

(b) Banking and Insurance

(c) Trading in Wildlife species

(d) Telecom Services


Question 2. Recently, the Government of India has set up Rajiv Mehrishi committee for which among the following purposes?

(a) To advice on international border dispute issues

(b) To advice on health sector of India

(c)  To address privacy issues

(d) To measure the impact of interest waiver on loans


Question 3. ‘Five Star Villages Scheme is launched by

(a)  Ministry of Rural Development

(b)  Ministry of Panchayati Raj

(c ) Department of Post

(d)  Department of Science and Technology


Question 4.Bharat Parv 2020 is launched by which organisation?

(a)  Ministry of agriculture

(b) Ministry of Defence

(c) Ministry of Tourism

(d)  Ministry of Science and Technology


Question 5.Eradi Commission, often in news, is associated with

(a)  Sub categorization of other backward classes (OBC)

(b)  Formulation of the National Data Protection Policy

(c) Water dispute between Punjab and Haryana

(d) Conservation of Western Ghats


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