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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 03 September 2020

Question 1.   Consider the following statements regarding the India state of Forest Report 2019:

  1. The tree cover of the country is 2.89% of the geographical area.
  2. Tree and forest covertogether made up 56% of India’s area.
  3. Mangrove cover in the country has decreased as compared to the previous assessment.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

 (a) 1 & 2

(b) 1 & 3

(c) 2 & 3

(d) All


Question 2.‘The Millennium Challenge Corporation’ sometimes seen in the news is related to which of the following?

(a) Achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

(b) The challenge of keeping temperature rise to 1 degree centigrade.

(c) Policy to fight against poverty through economic development.

(d) Sustainable livelihoods.


 Question 3.Etikoppaka toys recently seen in the news belong to which of the following states?

(a) Tamil Nadu

(b) Karnataka

(c) Telangana

(d) Andhra Pradesh.

Question 4.Index of Economic Freedom is released by

(a)  World Bank

(b)  Heritage Foundation

(c)  European Central Bank

(d) International Monetary Fund


Question 5.Which of the following ministries is tasked with the implementation of the “DIgital India Land Records modernization Programme”?

(a) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

(b) Ministry of Panchayati Raj

(c) Ministry of Rural Development

(d)  Ministry of Science and Technology.


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