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Daily Current Affairs Questions: 01 March 2021

Question 1.Child Development Index is published by

(a)  Save the Children

(b)  UNICEF.

(c)  UNHRC.

(d) None


Question 2.Lady Rosetta is a specialist crisping variety of

(a)   Potato

(b)   Wheat

(c)  Paddy

(d) Sugar cane


Question 3.Global Economic Prospects Report 2020 was published recently by which of the following organizations?

(a) IMF

(b)  World Bank

(c) WEF



Question 4.Consider the following statements with respect to Coronaviruses

  1. A specific family of viruses which affects mammals such pigs, cattle, cats, dogs, camels but not humans.
  2. MERS and SARS are the types of Coronaviruses.

Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?

 (a) Only 1

(b) Only 2

(c) Both 1 & 2

(d) None


Question 5.Wings India 2020 which was in news recently to be organised by

(a)  Ministry of Civil Aviation

(b) Airports Authority of India


(d) All of the above


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