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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 27 Jan 2020

Question 1.



  • Releasing the Nature Risk Rising Report ahead of its 50th Annual Meeting, the World Economic Forum said about 25 per cent of our assessed plant and animal species are threatened by human actions, with a million species facing extinction, many within decades.


Question 2.

Answer- b


  • Naf River is an international river marking the border of southeastern Bangladesh and western Myanmar.
  • Thousands of Rohingya Muslims had sought refuge across the Naf River in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.


Question 3.

Answer- d


  • Scientists at the National Centre for Microbial Resource — National Centre for Cell Science (NCMR-NCCS) in Pune have reported a new Archaeon, which they discovered in Sambhar Salt Lake in Rajasthan.
  • Archaeon (a kind of microorganism)are a primitive group of microorganisms that thrive in extreme habitats such as hot springs, cold deserts and hypersaline lakes.
  • These slow-growing organisms are also present in the human gut, and have a potential relationship with human health.
  • They are known for producing antimicrobial molecules, and for anti-oxidant activity with applications in eco-friendly waste-water treatment.
  • The new archaeon has been named Natrialba Swarupiae.
  • As archaea are relatively poorly studied, very little is known about how archaea behave in the human body.


Question 4.

Answer : c


  • The government has moved to set up e-Foreigners Tribunal (FT) that will have details of illegal migrants, their biometrics and legacy data, to be made available to various agencies, including the foreigner’s tribunal.
  • It will first focus on Assam and then to other parts of the country.


Question 5.

Answer : a


  • Operation Alberich was the code name of a German military operation in France during the First World War.
  • Alberich was a planned strategic withdrawal to new positions on the shorter and more easily defended Hindenburg Line, which took place between 9 February and 20 March 1917.

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