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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 25 Feb 2020

Question 1.

Answer- a


  • The Public Library act is a legislation, which gives local administration powers to establish public libraries with the assistance from the state and the central governments.
  • As of now, 19 states have enacted their own Public Libraries Act with Tamil Nadu (formerly Madras) being the first one to implement it way back in 1948.
  • Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Odisha and Haryana are among others that have enacted their own legislation.


Question 2.

Answer- d


  • The National Green Tribunal has created 243,499 biodiversity management committees (BMC) till now.
  • As per the Biological Diversity Act 2002,BMCs are created for “promoting conservation, sustainable use and documentation of biological diversity” by local bodies across the country.
  • It shall consist of a chair person and not more than six persons nominated by the local body,of which not less than one third should be women and not less than 18% should belong to the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes.


Question 3.

Answer- b


Maharashtra government has recently scrapped the Jalyukta Shivar the flagship water conservation project.



Question 4.

Answer-  a


  • Pakke Tiger Reserve, also known as Pakhui Tiger Reserve, is a Project Tiger reserve in the East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India.
  • Scientists have discovered a new cave fish in Meghalaya which is similar in anatomy to an endangered masher species.


Question 5.

Answer- d

Explanation :

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and The Lancet medical journal have released ‘A Future for the World’s Children’ report.

  • The report calculates the Flourishing Indexand Sustainability Index of 180 countries.
  • India secures 131strank on a flourishing index that measures the best chance at survival and well-being for children.

Further, India ranked 77th on a sustainability index that takes into account per capita carbon emissions and the ability of children in a nation to live healthy lives.


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