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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 21 Nov 2019

Question 1.

Answer- a


  • The Five Star Movement is a political party in Italy.
  • The M5S was founded on 4 October 2009 by Beppe Grillo, a comedian and blogger, and Gianroberto Casaleggio, a web strategist.


Question 2.

Answer- c


  • The term Kodavahas two related usages. Firstly, it is the name of the Kodava language and culture followed by a number of communities from Kodagu. Secondly, within the Kodava – speaking communities and region (Kodagu) it describes the dominant Kodava people.
  • The Kodavas (Kodava, anglicised as Coorgs), are considered a patrilineal ethno-lingual tribe from the region of Kodagu, (in Karnatakastate of southern India), who natively speak the Kodava language.
  • Traditionally they are land-owning agriculturists with martial customs. They practice family exogamyand caste endogamy.


Question 3.

Answer-  b


  • A coprolite is fossilized feces. Coprolites are classified as trace fossils as opposed to body fossils, as they give evidence for the animal’s behaviour rather than morphology.
  • The name is derived from the Greek words κόπρος and λίθος. They were first described by William Buckland in 1829.


Question 4.

Answer- c


  • Gundla Brahmeswaram Sanctuary lies between Kurnool and Prakasam districts,  Andhra Pradesh at a distance of 30-km.
  • This sanctuary has mixed deciduous forests of Teak, Prerocarpuss, Terminalia, Albizzia, Anogeissius, Dalbergia, Boswelia, Shisham, Andug & Bamboo.


Question 5.

Answer-  c


Recently a starry dwarf frog, named after constellation-like markings on it and Wayanad’s Kurichiya tribe, has been discovered in Wayanad district, Kerala.

  • The tribe is also known as Malai Brahminsor Hill Brahmins.
  • They are the second largest adivasi community in Wayanad district. They stand at the top of the caste hierarchy among the hill tribes of Wayanad.


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