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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 18 March 2021

Question 1.

Answer- c


  • universal bankis a bank that combines the three main services of banking under one roof.
  • The three services are wholesalebanking, retail banking, and investment banking.


Question 2.

Answer- d


  • The prime objective of DFI is the economic development of the country
  • These banks provide financial as well as the technical support to various sectors
  • DFIs do not accept deposits from people
  • They raise funds by borrowing funds from governments and by selling their bonds to the general public
  • It also provides a guarantee to banks on behalf of companies and subscriptions to shares, debentures, etc.


Question 3.

Answer- a


  • The first Economic Survey in India was presented in the year 1950-51.
  • Up to 1964, it was presented along with the Union Budget.
  • From 1964 onwards, it has been delinked from the Budget.


Question 4.

 Answer- a

 Explanation :

  • The Economic Survey 2020-21 has constructed a Bare Necessities Index at rural, urban & all India level, with 26 indicators on 5 dimensions- sanitation, water, housing, micro-environment and many other facilities.


Question 5



  • The cover of the Economic Survey 2020-21 shows a v-shaped recovery that has happened in the Indian economy during the last year.


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