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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 11 Dec 2019

Question 1.

Answer- c


  • Despite lifting 271 million people out of poverty between 2005-15, India still remains home to 28 per cent of the world’s poor, the new Human Development Index (HDI) 2019, has said.
  • The annual HDI 2019 report, released on December 9, 2019, ranked India at the 129th position on 2019’s HDI, one rank above last year’s ranking, out of a total 189 countries.


Question 2.

Answer- d

Explanation :

  • Zearalenone, also known as RAL and F-2 mycotoxin, is a potent estrogenic metabolite produced by some Fusarium and Gibberella species.
  • Particularly, is produced by Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium culmorum, Fusarium cerealis, Fusarium equiseti, Fusarium verticillioides, and Fusarium incarnatum.


Question 3.

Answer-  b

Explanation :

  • Globally, Sweden is in top position, followed by Morocco and Lithuania in the CCPI 2019.
  • The bottoms five in the list are Saudi Arabia, U.S., Iran, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • India ranks 11th in this year’s CCPI, improving its standing by three places compared to the previous edition.


Question 4.

Answer-  a


  • Japan Space Exploration Agency (JAXA) has announced that a probe, Hayabusa2, had successfully landed on an asteroid- Ryugu– 300 million km from Earth.
  • Notably, Hayabusa2 is the second Japanese spacecraft to land on an asteroid, after Hayabusa achieved a similar feat back in 2005.


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