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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 07 August 2020

Question 1.

Answer- c


  • Kalbelia or Kabeliya is a dance from Rajasthan, performed by the tribe of the same name.
  • Mudiyettu is a ritual theatre and dance drama of Kerala.


Question 2.

Answer- a


Pavagada solar park, also known as Shakti Sthala, is a 2GW solar complex being developed in Pavagada, Tumkur district, approximately 180km from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It is expected to become the world’s biggest solar farm when completed.


Question 3.

Answer- d


India’s first e-waste clinic is going to be setup in Bhopal. The clinic would ensure scientific handling and disposal of electronic waste generate from both households and commercial establishments.

The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) have signed an MoU to this effect. It has been conceived as per the Solid Waste Management Policy, 2016.


Question 4.

Answer-  a


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently constituted a task force to suggest policy and regulatory interventions required for development of secondary market in corporate loans, including loan transaction platform for stressed assets.


Question 5.

Answer-  b

Explanation :

The Baltic states, also known as the Baltic countries, Baltic republics, Baltic nations, or simply the Baltics, is a geopolitical term, typically used to group the three sovereign states in Northern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.



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