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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 03 July 2020

Question 1.

Answer- c


  • Under this convention, migratory species threatened with extinction are listed onAppendix I and Parties strive towards strictly protecting these animals, conserving or restoring the places where they live, mitigating obstacles to migration and controlling other factors that might endanger them.
  • Migratory species that need conservation and management or would significantly benefit from international co-operation are listed in Appendix II of the Convention.


Question 2.

Answer- c


  • The Indian Navy Hydrographic Survey ShipINS Jamuna is on a deployment to carry out Joint Hydrographic Survey off the South – West coast of Sri Lanka.
  • A team of Sri Lankan Navy hydrographers including officers and sailors have also been embarked onboard for the duration of the survey.


Question 3.

Answer- a


  • India ranked 35thin the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index (WEFFI) 2019, as per a report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • This year, Indiascored 53 and has jumped five ranks from the 40th rank with an overall score of 41.2 across categories in 2018.
  • Finland toppedthe index followed by Sweden.


Question 4.

Answer-  d


  • Kaziranga is criss-crossed by four main rivers — Brahmaputra, Diphlu, Mora Diphlu and Mora Dhansiri and has numerous small water bodies.


Question 5.

Answer- c

Explanation :

Ploonet is the new word the scientific community has come up with to describe a moon that becomes a planet. A moon can become a planet if it leaves the orbit of its parent planet and takes up residence in a stable orbit around its star.

At this point, this orbiting rock is neither a moon nor a planet, hence the term, ploonet.


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