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Daily Current Affairs Answer & Explanation : 01 October 2020

Question 1.

Answer- b


  • Scientists from Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune, an autonomous institute under the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, have developed a biofortified durum wheat variety MACS 4028, which shows high protein content.


Question 2.


Explanation :

India’s top 5 imports-

  • Crude Petroleum
  • Gold
  • Petroleum Products
  • Coal
  • Coke & Briquiottes


Question 3.

Answer- a


  • Recently, astronomers discovered a mini-moon named 2020 CD3 orbiting the Earth, making it official for our planet to have two moons.
  • However, it turned out to be a brief affair of events as the mini-moon left the planet’s orbit.
  • 2020 CD3 was first discovered using the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey observatory in Arizona.
  • According to the astronomers, the object may have entered Earth’s orbit three years ago.
  • It is not confirmed whether 2020 CD3 was a small asteroid or a little chunk from our own moon, broken off in an impact with another space rock.
  • 2020 CD3’s departure did not come as a surprise to the astronomers as it was following an unstable orbit around Earth, meaning it was travelling farther and farther away from the planet until it was able to break free from our planet’s pull.
  • Currently, it is on its way to follow its original trajectory around the Sun.
  • Earlier in 2006, astronomers discovered a near-Earth asteroid — named 2006 RH120 about 9 meters-wide flying around our planet.


Question 4.

Answer-  a


  • According to an analysis of a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) data released by environmental NGO Greenpeace, India has more than 15% of all anthropogenic sulphur dioxide (SO2) hotspots in the world detected by the OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) satellite.
  • The vast majority of plants in India lack flue-gas desulfurization technology to reduce their air pollution, according to the analysis.
  • As per country-wise world rankings, India was found at the top position in emitting SO2 as it has the maximum hotspots.
  • The report said SO2 emissions are a significant contributor to air pollution. The largest source of SO2 in the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels in power plants and other industrial facilities.


Question 5.

Answer- c

Explanation :

  • The World Happiness Report 2020 has been released recently by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).
  • Finland was once again crowned as the world’s happiest country, extending its lead over Denmark and Switzerland.
  • India ranks 144 in the ranking.

World Happiness Report

  • The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.
  • The World Happiness Report 2020 for the first time ranks cities around the world by their subjective well-being and digs more deeply into how the social, urban and natural environments combine to affect our happiness.


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