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Daily Current Affairs – 2020

Topic: For Prelims and Mains

Compressed Bio-Gas

Biogas and CNG are the same but for a few differences.

Origin –

  • CNG is found in nature as Natural Gas.
  • Biogas, is produced in a sealed tank/ chamber, from an organic feed-stock.
  • Composition – Biogas is mainly Methane & Carbon Di Oxide, while Natural Gas is mainly Methane.
  • Compressed Biogas proposes to build large biogas plants that will continuously produce biogas from urban, domestic and industrial wastes.
  • The biogas produced will be stored under pressure in gas cylinders for easy distribution to urban and semi-urban customers as alternative to charcoal and firewood.
  • Union Government is in the process of including Compressed Bio-Gas under Priority Sector Lending

Important facts:

  • Milk Tea Alliance:

It is a term used to describe an online democratic solidarity movement made up of social media users from Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan against the authoritarianism of the Chinese Government and its supporters.

  • UN75 Initiative:

Launched by the United Nations in 2019, it aims to build a global vision for the year 2045 by initiating a dialogue and action on how we can build a better world despite the many challenges we face.

Fact For Prelims :

  • Kolkata port renamed:
  • Centre has renamed the Kolkata Port Trust after Bharatiya Jana Sangh founder Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee.

Key facts:

  • In the early 16th century, the Portuguese first used the present location of the port to anchor their ships, since they found the upper reaches of the Hooghly river, beyond Kolkata, unsafe for navigation.
  • After the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in 1833, this port was used to ship lakhs of Indians as ‘indentured labourers’ to far-flung territories throughout the Empire.
  • The Kolkata port is the only riverine port in the country, situated 203 km from the sea. The river Hooghly, on which it is located, has many sharp bends, and is considered a difficult navigational channel.
  • The Farakka Barrage, built in 1975, reduced some of the port’s woes as Ganga waters were diverted into the Bhagirathi-Hooghly system.

Mission Purvodaya:

  • The Centre unveils Mission Purvodaya to develop eastern region into an integrated steel hub.
  • The eastern belt has the potential to add over 75 percent of the country’s incremental steel capacity envisioned by the National Steel Policy.
  • Through this programme, the government aims to transform logistics and utilities infrastructure which would change the socio-economic landscape in the eastern India.
  • The steps, under mission, also include growth of steel industry along with employment opportunities across the entire value chain

Island Development Agency (IDA):

  • The IDA was set up on June 1, 2017 for the development of islands.
  • The meetings of the agency are chaired by the Union Home Minister.


Members of the IDA include –

  • cabinet secretary
  • Home secretary
  • Secretary (environment, Forests and climate change)
  • Secretary (tourism) and secretary (tribal welfare).


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