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7th Nov. 2019 Answer writing

(General Studies II /III)

Q. ‘The Indian ocean has social, cultural & economic relevance’. Explain with respect to India / 150 Words

Model Answer:

Indian Ocean spanning around 70 lakh square kilometers is third largest ocean in the world.

Economic Significance-

  • Harnessing economic cooperation  from W-Asia/ Asian countries
  • Coordinated approach to harness the blue economy ( BIMSTEC).
  • Region is spine of global trade stretching from Strait of Hormuz to mallacca strait.
  • Some 36 barrels per day or 40% of world’s oil travel through entryways in and out of Indian Ocean.
  • Home to minerals like nickel, cobalt, iron and massive sulphide deposits of iron, manganese etc.
  • Ground to nearly 15% of world’s fishing along continental shelves .E.g. fishing in the region has grown four times post 1980.
  • Huge marine resources like sea weeds, corals underlying the region. E.g. Lakshadweep Islands

Social significance :

  • Improving people to people contact
  • Security improvement – National as well as human security

Cultural significance:

  • Convergence of inter-state peace, rule based order
  • Countering extremism, radicalism in the region through platforms of East Asia Summit & QUAD.

Thus India ocean plays very important role in the region.  India needs to strengthen its Naval Power, better trade & coordination amongst the Indian Ocean countries.

Date- 07/11/2019                                (Dept. of Content Development)


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