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5th Nov. 2019 Answer writing

(General Studies I /III)

Q.Discuss the causes of Air pollution in Delhi  / 250 Words

Model Answer:

Air pollution has become one of the most global environmental challenges and India is the worst victim of this, especially Delhi. Delhi’s air pollution is attributed to the mix of anthropogenic and natural resources and failure of respective agencies in fixing these resources.

Natural factors:

a) Low temperature in winter leads to low wind velocity, which reduces the dust dispersal process

b) Landlocked cities, no moderate sea effect


Anthropogenic factors:

  1. Road dust– Dust emanating from unpaved roads and peak construction activities causes silicosis.
  2. Vehicular emissions– Increased number of diesel vehicles, huge commuters, absence of integrated transport public infrastructure adds the problem
  3. Industrial vehicles– Dirty power plants, coal usage in hotels, diesel generators contributes SO2 and NOX which can cause major respiratory ailments
  4. Waste burning – Crop residue burning in neighbouring states – Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh transfers pollutants to Delhi
  5. Improper waste management– Burning of waste at landfills and lack of waste segregation at source adds particulate matter into the atmosphere.


Steps need to be  taken:

  1. State government – Should regulate crop burning, sync it with green fodder demand, green corridors planning through its concerned department. Shall introduce dust dispersal methods, air purifier methods. Construction sector should be monitored for emission, No Pollution certificate should be mandatory.
  2. Municipal corporations – Should repair unpaved roads and ensure timely sweeping and should proper waste management by enforcing Municipal Solid waste rules stringently
  3. Union Government – Ministry of Road Transport and Highways should comprehensively plan for integrated transport system; Ministry for Petroleum and Natural Gas should incentive’s CNG and electric vehicles
  4. General Public– Public should take own responsibility on waste segregation at source, public cleanliness.
  5. Need of the hour is the comprehensive integrated to tackle air pollution in Delhi to save human capital as it causes more deaths and other health issues.

Date- 05/11/2019                                                                                                     (Dept. of Content Development)


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