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18th Jan. 2020 Answer writing

(General Studies IV)

  1. What do you understand by the term ‘public servant’? Elucidate the expected role of the public servants. (150 words)

Model Answer:

Public servant is an individual who works for the state and whose main duty is associated with the welfare of public and society. The duties include providing service to the public in the form of protection, administration or maintenance.

 Expected role of Public servants:

  • The public servant should be emphaticas also advised by Mahatma Gandhi Ji that if anyone was in doubt if an action was good or not was to put oneself in the situation of the poorest of the poor in the country and see how a particular policy and programme will impact him or her.
  • She/he should also be ‘efficient’as administrators occupying positions of power and authority, it is their responsibility to translate policies into programmes, to implement schemes on the ground.
  • They need to be agile in their thoughts and actions. For eg. they should be able to access the latest information and knowledge and use them for improving service delivery.
  • They should be impartialand incorruptible as also observed by Sardar Patel and should work for an inclusive national development as mandated by the Constitution.

Official duties 

  • Administration
    The public servant has to provide governance to the public so as to ensure that welfare of society is maintained.
  • Protection
    The public servant is required to protect rights of individuals and provide security to society from threats.
  • Services
    The public servant also provides various services to the society in creating and maintaining public property like roads, cleaning infrastructure etc.

Moral duties 

  • Inspiration
    The public servant must act as a role model who can inspire individuals in doing good for the society through their acts.
  • Mediation
    A public servant can act as a perfect mediator in resolving disputes and fights in his personal capacity. He can be considered a neutral entity.


Thus, public servant as a position is not restricted to a particular job or duty instead it is a wide ranging effort that ensures social welfare.


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