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14th Nov. 2019 Answer writing

(General Studies II)

Q. ‘There should be an appropriate mechanism through electoral reform to ensure that political parties stick to pre–poll alliances including manifestos’.  Comment                                  / 150 Words

Model Answer:

India has multi party system.  The electoral mandates based on the pre-poll alliances between political parties are to be respected .By viewing the recent political drama in Maharashtra; there is an urgent need of electoral reform in this regard.

Measures / Reforms:

  • All party meeting should be convened to discuss such probabilities & prospects.
  • A solution should be formed through mutual consent of all parties related to these complicated situations.
  • Parliament must enact a law accordingly for the compliance.
  • There should be a provision of choosing CM/PM from amongst the winning candidates from all parties.
  • There should be a common manifesto of pre -poll alliance parties.

Issues/ Challenges:

  • Common manifesto for pre-poll alliance will be against the will & aspirations of some section of society.
  • Choosing CM/PM by the members of all parties can go against the aspirations of the people who have given the mandate to a single largest single party.

So the Legislature & Election Commission must come with an effective constitutional mechanism to provide a stable & progressive government after the election in such conditions. The fractured mandate & people aspirations must be respected in a democracy but at the same ensuring a stable & credible government is also required.

Date- 13/11/2019                                                                                                        (Dept. of Content Development)


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