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13th Nov. 2019 Answer writing

(General Studies II)

Q. Critically analyze the role of inter-state council to enhance cooperative federalism in India. / 150 Words

Model Answer:

Inter-State Council (ISC) was set up in 1990 by recommendation of the Sarkaria commission. It is a constitutional body to safeguard the interests of states & promote cooperative federalism.

It has played the roles in –

  • Fiscal transfer
  • Deployment of security in states
  • Discussion on the recommendations of Punchi commission for central – state relations

However Niti Aayog & Planning commission has overshadowed its roles:-

  • Since 1990, it has been met only 11 times
  • It has not been given power to adjudicate the disputes
  • Its recommendations are advisory not binding
  • It only solves inter –state disputes not the centre –states disputes


Thus ISC has not been used to the potential. The Punchi commission has made following recommendations in this regard –


  • ISC should meet thrice in a year
  • It should have separate secretariat to discuss & coordinate its functioning & issues
  • It should be given the power to adjudicate the disputes

Inter-State Council being a constitutional body has far more potential than Niti Aayog. It needs to be used more frequently to promote cooperative federalism. The true cooperative federalism is the way forward; they underline the need for the Centre to include states more aggressively in the decision-making process.




Date- 13/11/2019                                                                                              (Dept. of Content Development)


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